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Biography of IK1TGV


My name is Flavio Crovella,i was  born in September 1950 and I have always lived in Turin, the "Capital of the Alps" here I studied at the high school, and I graduated at the Polytechnic in civil engineering.
I then specialized in the calculation and design of structures in steel, aluminum, wood and concrete, I am also expert as a consultant at Court, I do my job in my technical studio placed at one side of my house.


Since 1993, I transferred my QTH in San Maurizio Canavese, a beautiful country located on the side of Turin airport "Sandro Pertini".
In 1992 I obtained the permission for the Amateur Radio station and since I have worked almost exclusively in CW, only sometimes I use the VHF and UHF, especially in mobile.
i am Enrolled in the section A.R.I. Borgone - Alpignano (Susa Valley): visit the website!
I am also a member # 717 of the Union Française des Télegraphistes, whose members prefer the clear communications.

Unfortunately my business does not allow me much time for radio, although radio communications  really passionate me, in addition to this hobby, especially when the spread is a bit 'low, I dedicate myself to painting and realization of paintings, sometimes a little '"naive" dedicated to friends.
I love listening to classical music, especially opera and operettas.
I am passionate about wine and I obtained a diploma in 2004 as a sommelier.
My favorite sport has always been climbing and skiing , in my youth I made many beautiful hiking and climbing and ski-mountaineering, many of them with my dear friend Peter IK1PXO, now I'll settle  for some excursion undemanding.

February 2004, my wife Marisa helps me to remove the snow in front of the house


Plateau Rosà, descending on skis in Zermatt, at the bottom of the Matterhorn.

Music : Jacques Hoffenbach - Les Contes de Hoffman , Barcarolle

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