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Here's my QTH in San Maurizio Canavese, near Caselle Torinese Sandro Pertini airport.
The radio station is located in the attic (left side of photo), is independent from the room, unfortunately during the summer it is a bit hot, but with the windows open is good.
Inn regard to the Yagi antennas, dipole HF and VHF collinear, are supported by a telescopic pole S355 steel (high resistance) diameter 89 mm, the pole can slide inside a tube with an inner  suitable diameter , so it can get off with a winch for about 5 meters inside a special compartment formed inside the building.
Under normal operating conditions, the pole is locked to the structure of the guide tube with a large through-bolt and is calculated to resist the force of wind up to150 km / h.
The telescopic system allows me therefore an easy maintenance of the antenna and the rotor, which descend to the level of the platform situated at the level of the turret support.

Music : Jacques Hoffenbach - La Perichole , Ouverture

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