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Ham radio friends


IK1MNJ Enrico
With him every now and then organize the beautiful field day.
His QTH is in San Maurizio Canavese, he has a great radio station with a super antenna.
Visit his website!

IK1PXO Piero
With him every now and then organize some nice field day.
His QTH is in Almese the beginning of the Susa Valley, he has a great radio station with a lot of equipment.
Piero is one of my dearest friends ever since the youth: we studied together at the Politecnico di Torino, we made the most beautiful hiking and climbing in the mountains, we share the passion for radio since we were very young.

IZ1BCS Antonio
I can say that our dear friend Anthony is passionate about radio perhaps due to my advice, now is an excellent telegraph!
Lives in a beautiful villa situated in the green hills of Turin and his station is very nice with different RTX, especially the high position of his QTH allows him some good DX.

IK1PML Ottavio
Ottavio is a dear friend with whom I occasionally go skiing.
He is the president of the ARI of wich i am a member and he is also a famous printer: he  prints QSL cards for the whole world.
Visit his website!

I1POR  Gian Luigi
Gian Carlo besides being a great amateur radio is also an electronic expert, he is very skilled in repairing any type of radio.
In the attic, above the radio station he has a collection of dozens of RTX, numerous from Collins to Drakes to the most modern radio.
In the picture below the antennas of Gian Carlo.
His QTH is in Palazzolo Vercellese, near Trino, if you go to find it is always very kind and welcoming.

Here's how the antennas looks like I1POR the ring road Palazzolo Vercellese.

IK1BUW  Enzo

Enzo is an expert sailor !   
Visit his website!

IK1DEP   Aurelio
Aurelio has been for many years the secretary of the ARI Alpignano, which was the first seat of our association: it is from there that in the years since the section has been expanded with a number of associates.

E' titolare del negozio / laboratorio "R.R" , sito in via Lanzo 11 a Cirié (TO) , a 2 km dal mio QTH.
E' un vero mago della riparazione delle radio d'epoca, ne ha tantissime che rimette perfettamente in funzione : se passate da lui apprezzerete tutto il fascino di una vecchia radio valvolare .
Tra i suoi migliori amici L'Associazione Italiana Radio d'Epoca , Sezione Piemonte - A.I.R.E.

Il suo indirizzo e-mail è dfelectro@hotmail.com


... and still many others:
Paul by Chiomonte
Sergio by Bussoleno
Luca by Oulx
Franz by Villarfocchiardo
Jean Pierre by Calais (France)
.... and then all the other friends of the section A.R.I. Borgone - Alpignano

Musica : Jacques Offenbach - Quadrille Can Can

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