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During the summer sometimes with the company of friends amateur, I go by car to some sites in the mountains, looking for a favorable position and mount a telescopic pole homebuilt.
On top of the pole, about 10 feet high,I fix a wire antenna that works quite well from 10 to 80 meters, although of course requires tuner.
Using the RTX kenwood 440 S which has an excellent automatic internal tuner, energy is supplied by the car battery.
The tour is aimed not so much to make hundreds of QSOs, but rather to spend a day in the company of good friends and if near the radio station, there is a small restaurant ... so much the better!
The photos were taken at various sites on the heights near Turin with friends Enrico IK1MNJ and Piero IK1PXO.

Music : Jacques Hoffenbach - La Belle Hélène , Acte 3

In September 2012, a day of radio service to a good Mountain Bike race on the heights of Condove in the Susa Valley.
The radio service was organized by ARI Borgone Alpignano in collaboration with the local Civil Protection, the connections between the various stations and the base located in Condove’s main square occurred using the Caprie’s UHF repeater.
Although I hardly ever transmit on UHF for me it was a good experience

Musica : Jacques Hoffenbach - La Belle Hélène , Acte 3

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