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In the attic that houses the radio station, I also found the space for an easel,  painting and colors, unfortunately I cannot find enough time to devote to this beautiful art.
Maybe I inherited this passion from dad, he made some beautiful paintings until he was 96years old, surely he had the artistic talent well beyond me!
However, when there is a lot of radio wave propagation, I dedicate some time to painting, even tough I just copy a bit  of artist's paintings.

Ancient world and the world to come, year 2004
Left Stone Edge, the actual village and the mountains at the back the mountains of the future.
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The glacier of the Lanzo Valleys:
there has been a new ice age, when the glacier begins to retreat people go to look for what is left of their homes! Year 2006

Ski mountaineering at high altitude:
Skiers are Flavio and Piero.
Year 2005

Inspired by "The pond Miage" by Angelo Abrate
Year 2005
Inspired by a painting by Van Gogh.

Inspired by "Le Cervin du Riffelberg - Grisaille de Decembre" by Angelo Abrate
Unlike the original I painted a clear sky
Year 2003-2004

Someone looks tall!
It 's the main street of Bern with the flags of all the Swiss cantons, but who looks at the lady walking in the street?
Year 2006

Marina at sunset at Monbello (Palermo)
Year 2006

Marina at sunset at Monbello (Palermo)
Year 2006

"The Vessel with Butterflies"
Inspired by a painting by Salvador Dali

Music : Jacques Hoffenbach : Gaîté Hoffenbach , Vivo Valse

Answer to the question of the painting of the street of Bern:
And 'the flag of Piedmont (Italy) watching Miss!
The flag of the Piedmont is the only stranger among the flags of the Swiss cantons of course, is my own invention.

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