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PAOLA My sister, GIORGIO her husband and my grandchildrens ALICE and LORENZO
They live in San Remo, the famous city of the San Remo Song  Festival.
They love the sea but they just can not give up going holiday in the mountains.
Alice now will begin the high school she also loves music and art, when she can she comes to Turin and I accompany her to visit exhibitions, palaces and monuments.
My brother in law George has a nice electrician factory.

Mom IDA was born in Turin but the origins of his family are in the region of Asti, when she was young she worked in LANCIA, then prestigious automobile factory, then she dedicated to her family., Disappeared in 2004 due to a terrible illness.
Dad ELSO was born in Vercelli in 1914 so he lived through two horrible world wars, he had always worked as a designer of Fiat engines.
It 'was a good climber, he climbed  in those days all the peaks of the Mont Blanc with simple equipment, he also has always had a good talent of painting, and his latest paintings are of 2010, passed away on Christmas 2011 at the age of 97 years.

In the picture: me,  my wife Marisa and dad Elso.

BRUNO, my father in law
He was 'born in Besançon in France, because of the terrible war and the German invasion he had an unhappy childhood, after the war came to Italy where he had the origins of his ancestors, he has made a nice career working in the sector of catering.
He was very athletic, he liked cyicling as well as hiking. He often accompanied me during ascents.
In 2010 He died suddenly at 83 years old .

Musica : Jacques Offenbach - Allegro Can Can

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