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I started going to the mountains in the early 70's, thanks to dad who after making me do some simple trips, made me climb Mount Rosa, I have a beautiful memory of that trip done with rudimentary equipment.
That effort: the crampons (pre-war military model type) were heavy, backpack and then there was everything I needed to take even the safety rope, food, and water bottles for drinking.
But what a joy to reach the 4200 meters on the glacier at dawn and then the last stretch up to the top with the Capanna Margherita which dominates the entire Po valley and the Swiss valleys.
Since then I have continued the climbing activity with the Italian Alpine Club, climbing in the summer and autumn, climbing and cross country skiing in the winter and spring.
For me spring ski touring has been the most beautiful activity: Spring is the season of awakening of nature: when climbing  is not unusual to see the chamois seeking first grass growing close to the rocks to feed the puppys, the marmots digging in the snow getting out  from their winter dens.
Finally after reaching the summit you can often enjoy a beautiful descent of snow already consolidated.
I have climbed many mountains over the western Alps and I also did some medium climbing commitment, of course I got a few more times at Monte Rosa just a reminder of my first ascent.

I belong to the Italian Alpine Club since 1972 member of the Section of Venaria Reale (Turin), I was once a frequent visitor and promoter of sports activities of the section.

Until  few years ago with friends Piero IK1PXO of Almese with John Avigliana and other friends of CAI Almese I did some great trips, especially in alpine skiing.
Now I'll settle for some short hike and ski slopes.

In Turin, the Monte dei Cappuccini is the Museo Nazionale della Montagna "Duca degli Abruzzi" which is probably the most comprehensive museum that exists in Italy for mountaineering, it is really worth to visit, is managed by C.AI. of Turin.

My dear friend John Avigliana is editor of beautiful items on the online magazine "The Dim Fri Mola" or "Snow Be Spring": the site is really nice and full of photographs.

Descending to Zermatt, on the bottom  the Matterhorn.

Music : Jacques Hoffenbach : Gaîté Hoffenbach , Danse Peruvienne

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