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This camera that my father had bought is from somewhere back to the early 1900.
It Originally worked in plates, then had bought at the second hand market a Voigtlander camera that used film format 90x60,he accomplished the winding mechanism of the film and he adapted the body of the other machine.
It is working and makes beautiful photographs, the lens is a Tessar German (Berlin)
Of course, each command is manual and the viewfinder is a goal.

This camera was given to me by my godfather a few years ago, features a German lens "Cossar"
uses the film 24x36
I keep it as a souvenir.

Purchased in 1980 this was the Minox camera of which I took the most beautiful pictures in the mountains, because of its convenience and its small size (for the times when there were no digital cameras).
Lens Color Minotar f = 35 mm, mounting films 24x36
You must use only a small caution: protect her from the cold, with low temperatures you should put it in a pocket of the jacket close to the body, as the cold can block the triggering mechanism.

The Olympus OM 101: an analog camera complete with zoom lens 35-70, 70-210 telephoto zoom and grand angle 28 mm
Aperture and shutter speeds automatic, semiautomatic or manual focus with diaphragms coincidence.
Employs 24x36 film.

Begins the era of photo compact digital cameras. this is a Pentax Optio M 50.
8 Mega pixels, 6.3 to 31.5 mm lens
I use it in the mountains or for work is extremely handy, easy to use.

Is an excellent digital camera.
Pentax KX, 12 Mega Pixels, focusing, aperture, exposure time automatic, semiautomatic or manual.
Objectives: Pentax 18-55 mm zoom 70 - 300 mm

Digital camera with excellent performance:
Nikon 5300, DX-format CMOS sensor 24.2 Mega Pixels, auto-focus, aperture, exposure time automatic, semi-automatic or manual.
High sensitivity ISO (100-12800 extendable up to 25,600 equivalent)
Wi-Fi built-in, G.P.S. Built-in, variable-angle monitor.
Objectives: Nikor 18-55 mm zoom 70-300 mm

Music : Jacques Hoffenbach : Gaîté Hoffenbach , Allegro brillante

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