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Wines and the Sommeiller


Wine, along with beer has been known since ancient times as a food supplement with meals we consume.
Contrary to what many think, has numerous beneficial effects on our health, of course, if drank with moderation.
Anthocyanins, found mainly in the skins of red grapes are polyhydroxylated aromatic compounds can react with oxidants such as molecular oxygen and free radicals thus reducing the damage that these molecules can cause cells and tissues.
Anthocyanins, although not essential for human nutrition, have a positive effect on the whole organism. Thanks to their strong antioxidant properties,  it can be considered an antidote against aging.
Anthocyanin glycosides are attributed anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet that, together with the action vasodilator and antioxidant, are a blessing for the entire cardiovascular system. Adequate consumption of foods rich in anthocyanins represents one of the most valuable protection against the negative effects dall'ipercolesterolemia.
Finally, anthocyanins have stock of "cleansing" of free radicals and are therefore important for the general well being of the body (protection against carcinogens) and to slow down the inevitable biological phenomenon of aging.
The richest natural sources of these substances are the berries, eggplant, grapes and dark red beet. Anthocyanins are also abundant in the flowers of mauve and sorrel, as well as in oranges, in cherries, apples, strawberries and pears.
Hence that moderate consumption of wine and conscious meals can only benefit your health.

It Must be considered that the type of wine to drink has to be correctly matched to the foods we eat!
The sommeliers are experts who can advise you on the choice of wine as a result of your choice on the menu.

Before you choose a wine you need to know .... wines!
A sommelier or an expert taster should not judge a wine based on three basic tests:
- Visual examination, with careful analysis of color, clarity, of any "perlage" (bubbles), the traces left on the glass upon rotation therefore.
- Sniff test, it is very important: you need to save hundreds of flavors.
- Tasting exam, it is equally important to remember that we can implement only 4 sensations: sweet, sour, bitter, salty.
We then need to match the right wine to the  food that we will consume: the choice is often not easy, especially if the meal will be served in different capacities: it is necessary to order a type of wine for each of them!
In general it can be expected:
- A pairing with the territorial criterion (wine of the area where you are),
- A combination in contrast, for example, to associate food a little 'greasy a dry wine,
- Combination of affinity.

In the photograph: Claret and Garganega Bardolino, on the bottom painting "The Bivouac Brenva" Daddy's hilt.

The sommelier:
in Italy there are some sommelier associations, among them the most important number of members are:
- A.I.S. Italian Sommelier Association
- FISAR Italian Sommelier Association Hoteliers Restaurateurs
Both run good preparation courses for graduating as sommelier, personally I am enrolled to the delegation FISAR - Turin since 2004.
These associations also organize activities such as visit to local producers, the group travels to the main wine exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

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