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La Courgette


The series "Courgette" or "The Marrow"

The paintings are inspired by the cover of the book by Gilles Paris "autobiographie d'une Courgette" which tells the story of a child who had been orphaned, he was taken in a college where between the dramatic and ridiculous he spent some years of childhood between various adventures. the story ends with an happy ending: Courgette is adopted with another girl by a police officer with a generous heart.
So in my mind so many of my friends have become "Courgettes" in the various paintings "naive" I adapted the character to their life.

The first part of the series "The Courgette"
Is dedicated to Frederick, the son of my friends Renato and Donatella

Then "Courgette" I am Courgette, I am living a nightmare: houses and trees have become geometric solids, strange balls fall from the sky, formulas and mathematical diagrams haunt me, but there is also a radio.
It 's my life!

The Courgettes are my friends Yvan and Marie Thé at their beautiful cabin in Casteldelfino, the spire in the background is Mount Pelvo.

Les Courgettes Yvan Pierre et Marie Thé et Louis
Dedicated to Pierre Louis newborn.

Les Courgettes Yvan et Marie Tea at the opening of their "Institut de Beauté" Beausoleil.
In the framework there are also myself  who had done calculations of the structures to reinforce the ceiling, Gian Piero who made the windows, and the mason (Obelix) who has worked in the interior.

Music : Jacques Hoffenbach : Gaîté Hoffenbach , Allegro Molto

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